why everyone can enjoy valentines day | blog post

Seeing as Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I had to write this post to try and reach out to singletons. For the last few years I’ve spent this romance-filled day single. Despite the stigma that’s attached to Valentine’s Day where it’s assumed all single people are bitter and lonely, I actually love it. I actually prefer to celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen, which is essentially the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Once again, I’m more than happy to celebrate this day single. It’s often forgotten that Valentine’s Day isn’t just to celebrate the love you share with your significant other, but also to celebrate the love you share with your friends and family. Each year for Valentine’s Day, I always do something to celebrate. This usually involves going out for food and exchanging cards with my close friends.

You’ll also find there are actually loads of cool events happening this week. If you haven’t already heard of Dice, go download it and check out what events are happening near you! If you’re lucky enough to live in Brighton, there’s a Gals Pals party in Komedia on Friday. Here in Wales there’s a Propaganda Valentines Party on Thursday. There are so many things happening so instead of spending the day alone, get out there and enjoy yourself! Go celebrate with your friends, grab some food, find out what gigs are on and just take the time to appreciate all of your loved ones! Despite what some may have you believe, you don’t need to be romantically involved with anyone to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here’s hoping you all have a great Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or not! Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself.

P.S. if you go to Subway and buy a 6 inch sub, you get another one free (thank me later)!x

Written by Hannah Swain


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