the most wonderful time of the year? | blog post

It’s “Christmas Eve Eve” today and I was planning to drive back to my parents’ house ready to spend the Christmas period with them. Well, it’s almost 5pm, I’m still in my pyjamas, the curtains are closed, the lights are off and I’ve not left my bed. The weeks leading up to the Christmas break have been tough and I have been struggling a lot.

Although the festive period can be a beautiful, magical time for lots of people, those who have lost family or friends, suffer with mental illnesses or eating disorders, struggle with addiction or financial burdens, or any other hardships, Christmas can be lonely, triggering and a huge struggle.

It always seems easier to pretend that I enjoy Christmas or else I’m met with the usual “Don’t be such a scrooge” or “Don’t be so moody – it’s Christmas!” I don’t ever want to ruin people’s excitement due to my lack of excitement for “the big day”, but sometimes I think people forget that these struggles can still exist at Christmas.

The point of this blog post is, I guess, to remind those who don’t struggle at this time of year to keep an eye on their friends and family and to continue to support them, as well as to remind those struggling that it’s okay to find Christmas hard, you are not ruining anyone’s holidays and your problems are never a burden – you’re not alone.

Here’s a list of important numbers to give your family/friends if they need it, or to keep for yourself if you need it:

important nos

P.s. despite it not being the longest, most interesting blog post, I’m chuffed that I managed to motivate myself to write it. Go Connie!




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