Sam: Sapphire Blues | Artists in Lockdown

In today’s Artists in Lockdown interview, I have a catch-up with Sam Jones from Sapphire Blues.


How has this lockdown affected Sapphire Blues and any plans you had?

Lockdown’s offered the band time to reflect, in that sense it’s treated us well. It’s unfortunate as we had a load of gigs booked for the summer but there’s nothing you can do about it so no need to dwell. Luckily, before it all kicked off, we had just finished recording at Invada Studios so we’ve had music to be working on which we will be releasing imminently.

How have you been keeping busy during the lockdown?

Other than getting the single release sorted I haven’t been that busy. I’ve tried to keep a routine, even if it’s just basic that can help me a lot – when I say basic I mean that too: ‘wake at 9’, ‘read’ are some examples – just crossing these out on a to-do list makes me feel like I’ve achieved something.

How do you motivate yourself to be creative during lockdown? Where do you get your inspiration?

I think it’s important to ‘watch your diet’ so I always try and expose myself to different creative mediums; I don’t think you can listen to one genre of music, for example, and expect yourself to be making anything with much originality. In regards to writing, I am pretty relaxed about it; when it happens it happens – Once I’ve absorbed enough into my sponge I’ll squeeze the lemon.

What is the first thing you want to do when the lockdown is lifted?

As long as they manage to keep it running (fingers crossed), I’m keen to head straight to the Ruin for a SERIOUS session.

They are opening very, very soon, so see you there!

Has the lockdown affected your mental health at all? How?

It’s an odd one as before lockdown I’ve had straining periods of doing nothing and being reclusive, now it’s being imposed on me I feel I’ve got it under control considering my CV. So yeah not bad other than getting stressed about the tinnitus I have in my left ear when going kip.

What advice would you give to someone that is finding it hard to be creative right now?

Usually when I’m struggling it’s because I’m being too critical of myself and I just won’t let it be. I know it’s easier said than done but I’d try to relax for a bit, maybe assign yourself 15 minutes a day where you can do anything you want creatively even if you think it’s nonsense, just let yourself go with it and see where that takes you.

Thanks for getting involved in this, Sam!

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