Songs I’ve Recently Discovered | Blog Post

Lockdown has been a really weird time. Like, really weird. But, in typical Connie-fashion, I am trying to think about all the positive things that it has done for me. The main positives that have come out of it so far are the fact that I have been playing guitar and bass a lot more, and, the reason for this blog post, the fact that I have been listening to a lot of music, some of which I probably would never have found otherwise.

I’m a bit of a creature of habit, so discovering new music usually only comes through watching support bands at gigs, which obviously has not been possible. The last gig I went to was at the beginning of March. Wild.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the songs I have had on repeat over the past couple of months with you. Oh, also, they all have womxn in/are womxn artists, so feel free to send this post to misogynists that like to claim that “there just aren’t enough women playing music.”

Your Mom & Mansplain – THICK

Both of these songs are fast, loud and catchy. The Brooklyn-based punk trio make me want to be in a badass punk band even more. Definitely worth listening to.

Jiu Jits You – Panic Shack

The opening bass line of this song caught my attention immediately, and then the rest of the song is just as catchy. I’m sure most girls can relate to the lyrics in the first verse. I didn’t even know that they’re based in Cardiff – feeling proud to be Welsh. Also, I sent this song to my friend Danny and he said “this is how I imagine you to sound when singing” and it was the best compliment ever.

Panic Shack

I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore – Lucy Dacus

Oh my GOD. I don’t even know why, but this song just RESONATES with me so much. I’m not even funny. Ah well. But yeah, what a beautiful voice.

French Disko – Stereolab

This song is from 1995. HOW have I only just heard it? Well, I shall tell you. I sent one of my demos to my aunty, and she said it reminded her of this song, and I listened to it, and have not stopped since. Cool.

Turkish Delight – The Mysterons

Gotta give my beautiful housemates a shout out here, as they are the people that introduced me to this masterpiece of a song. The guitar riff throughout is amazing, and the lead singer’s vocals give me chills.

Alapathy, To Be A Woman Pt.2 & Hypochondriac by Fenne Lily

My love for Fenne’s music started at the beginning of lockdown, and actually inspired me to start putting more time aside for playing guitar, as I tried to learn some of her earlier songs. The three on this list, however, are all pretty new releases. Alapathy is the first single from her second album, BREACH, which will be gracing us on September 18th.

Fenne Lily

Gimme Brains – Bratmobile

Bratmobile were formed in 1991 and this song is all about taking down the “boy genius” rock ‘n’ roll archetype. They were pioneers of the Riot Grrl movement, and I’m a bit ashamed of myself for not hearing them sooner.

Dig & Older I Get – Bacchae

This band is awesome. The guitar is always so catchy and loud. The guitar in Older I Get gives me IDLES vibes. Obsessed.


Brand New Beast – Rosie Tucker

Another song that the vocals give me goosebumps on. Also the lyrics are great. “You don’t even eat me out.” Iconic.

Buckfast & Kitchen Sink – Nadine Shah

These two songs are both off Nadine’s new album, Kitchen Sink. The entire album is beautiful, but these are my favourite tracks. One of my favourite memories ever is meeting Nadine at Rough Trade in Bristol, watching IDLES, and then sitting with her at Mothers’ Ruin. Good times, eh?

That concludes my list, for now.

Please let me know if you give any of these a listen and which songs you like best!







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